These photos show the cottages which Elke, our Helpx host rents including the Breakfast Galley restaurant. Also the last two photos show the difference between low and high tide. Not one of these cottages has a level floor and in the upper left most photos you can see the red “Quirky Cottage” and the obvious kilter. Potential renters are warned that if they get easily sea sick they should not rent this cottage.

Elke has just started her third year of nursing at Dalhousie University. She has a house, between Harbourville and Wolfeville where she is now living and travels 1.5 hours each way most days to attend her classes. On Wednesday eve and Saturday mornings her and her mother prepare and sell food at the Wolfville farmer’s market. As I write Debbie is making carrot cake which Elke will sell at the market tomorrow.

With classes starting Elke has left Debbie and I to virtually run the place. Fortunately the Breakfast Galley is closed. Last Saturday Debbie and I opened and ran the Galley. We gained a new appreciation for waiters and cooks. It was stressful and we plan not to do it again.

Wednesday and Thursday (yesterday and the day before) we spent in Lunenburg and surrounding areas. Yesterday was rainy and blustery so we spent time museuming. Lunenburg is a UNESCO world heritage town well worth a visit – cute, thriving and with lots of history. Home of Bluenose II which we were able to tour.

We have been invited for dinner at Maria’s (Elke’s mom) tonight. Maria is 80 and reminds me of Mom – lots of wisdom and common sense. Maria is married and describes her husband as someone who just likes to relax and has been too used to telling other people what to do – except her, she adds.

We will head for PEI on Sunday probably for 10 days. I am hoping we can cycle the Confederation trail.




  1. Hard work! Good on you two for taking this on!

  2. We love reading your posts and looking at the map.

    • We are way behind on our posts. Too busy enjoying our surroundings and researching the next few days ahead. We will try harder to keep a record.

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