Seeing the World is Time Consuming–A Quick Update

PIctures can be enlarged by clicking on them and dragging a corner.

Bar Harbour from Cadillac Mtn

Bar Harbour from Cadillac Mtn. Oct.5

Sand Bay Hike Acadia NP Maine

Hiking in Acadia NP, Maine.

Sand Bay in the background. The sand is 90% shell fragments. Every decade or two a major storm will completely remove all the sand from this beach and the it takes a couple of years to be redeposited.


We spent a day in Acadia NP cycling the CARRIAGE TRAILS (no motor vehicles).  They were built by John D. Rockefeller Jr. who later donated his substantial land holdings to the federal government in the establishment of Acadia NP. The carriage trails are wonderful.

That reminds me!!! On October 2, our first day in the US we spent an afternoon on Campobello Island NB. We had to go through a portion of Maine to get to Campobello. It was the summer home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor until politics and health stole him away. Very interesting to be a voyeur in the lives of the rich and famous. This has been an interesting sub theme in our travels – you’ll just have to be patient to hear more.

From Acadia NP we went to Freeport, Maine, the home of L.L.Bean and Freeport’s main employer and benefactor. Quite disappointing. On to North Conway NH, home of the big box discount stores from all over the US but also the gateway to the White Mountains of the Appalachians. It was a zoo but the fall colours were amazing.

On the way to Freeport. Amazing bridge across the Penobscot R.


A view of Waldo across the Penobscot from the top of the bridge tower.


White Mtns.

White Mtns NH 2

White Mtns NH 3

White Mtns NH Oct.7

The view from our campsite in Vermont.

Vermont Oct.8

From Vermont we headed for Massachusetts. A world of difference? More about that in the next episode.

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