Hard to keep the blog up to date!

It is now August 22 and we are in Grand Falls, NB. We have spent the last number of days circumnavigating the Gaspe peninsula.


Some quick notes on the Gaspesie;

Hilly forested terrain, every river valley has a small village along the coast. Mostly well kept houses on large lots with nicely groomed lawns,

Many campgrounds populated with large rv trailers, lots of Gites (B&Bs),

The history of the Gaspe was very interesting, from the strategic razing of the population by British general Wolf on his way to the Plains of Abraham, to the important and substantial commerce surrounding the cod fishery and whaling. In the early to mid 19th century fishermen from the British isles of Jersey and Guernsey settled in the Gaspe and founded the cod industry (catch, process and dry and salt the fish and then ship to Europe.) The town of Gaspe was a busy and thriving place.

During WWII the Germans sunk more than 20 ships leaving the St. Lawrence for Britain. Submarine nets and artillery batteries were installed to thwart a possible German invasion (a repeat of the General Wolf scenario).

It is 8:30 am and time for us to hit the road. Talk to you soon.

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