A Picture is worth 1000 words

We will let some pictures talk with few words.

Fundy Coast NB

Sea caves, red rock, cliffs between St.John and Moncton, near St. Martins.

Fundy NP FallsFundy NP walk

We camped in Fundy National Park and walked this short but beautiful trail. The park is situated on a high escarpment terminating at the bay of Fundy.


On the way to Hopewell Rocks. Just had to stop and take this picture. Lots of rivers flow into Fundy Bay. Some, like the St. John River are bigger than the Bow R.


The famous Hopewell Rocks, where you can walk on the sea bed at low tide. At high tide these rocks are surrounded by water 10 ft. deep. People kayak around them. Debbie and I did an adventurous walk and around the corner from the cliffs was an expansive tidal flat bisected by a small river.


The tidal bore at Moncton.


Here we are in Harbourville. Arrived here on Aug.30 and will leave on Sept.10. Helping Elke, a single mother. She has 7 units (5 cottages) she rents. Also has a restaurant.

We’ll have to write more about our time at Harbourville.


  1. Wendy Woods says:

    Hey Debbie and Warren looks like an interesting trip. We miss you guys and are excited to see new postings.

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