Some added info relating to last post.

I have just downloaded a program (using McDonald’s wifi) a program called “Open Live Writer” which allows me to draft blog entries off line. This should give us more freedom to document our journey without having to be internet connected. We can just upload when it is convenient to connect. Anyways, here goes:

Eardley Escarpment

This is a picture taken from the Gatineau Hills looking North along the Eardley Escarpment on the Western edge of the Gatineau Hills. To the left is the flat lands of the St. Lawrence lowlands and the Ottawa R., just barely seen on the left edge of the photo.

Debbie Gatineau to St Lawrence Lowlands

From the Gatineau Hills looking South towards Ottawa with the Ottawa River in the background.

Here is a link to a picture of the historical lock between L. Superior and L. Huron. Huron is lower and in the distance.

Travelling along the Gaspe we noticed a disc-golf course and stopped to play. Short 9 hole course but Debbie lost her favourite driver disc here.

Disc Golf along the way

We have slowed down and have been spending time “smelling the roses” and taking in the sights (sites). Hope to update soon.