Some recent pictures along the way.

One of the complications we are facing is collating pictures taken by my cell phone, Debbie’s cell phone and our Panasonic Lumix camera. Here are a couple of recent photos and one video taken off the Panasonic camera:


Perce Rock from a distance (ignore the wires)

Coming from the town of Gaspe getting our first glimpse of Perce Rock.


Perce Rock up close.

The town of Perce was very touristy and we could not understand what attracted people here once they had had a good look at the rock with a hole in it. Bonaventure Island might have been interesting but we did not go there.

The above link is to a 30 second video taken just south of Perce. It struck us as not only beautiful but fairly typical of the type of scenery along the Gaspe. The purple flowers are fireweed (Epilobium Anagustifolium) common in burnt areas of Alberta and BC but very common along the Gaspe.

We travelled today from Grand Falls, NB to St. Stephen’s on the Bay of Fundy. Interesting day – potatoes, railway, covered bridge and potato chip factory.